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3D Rendering and Walkthrough for Archicad in Real Time

Design Intuitively with Archicad Rendering

Archicad is a building information modeling software solution developed by Graphisoft. Considered as one of the first products to implement BIM, it is also acknowledged by many as the first CAD product that enabled 2D and 3D geometry creation on personal computers. 

Used by architects, designers, and urban planners, the software is ideal for an enhanced BIM experience and collaboration across project teams. Known for its clean workspace, the platform only displays frequently used functions, and elements that are used often are saved as favorites for quicker access. 

Why Use Enscape for Archicad?

Enscape is a great 3D rendering software for Archicad. By using Enscape, users will be able to experience their projects as if they were already built with photorealistic renders and 3D walkthroughs. 

Enscape’s real-time rendering plugin integrates smoothly with Archicad so as not to disrupt the design workflow. A great tool for creating an Archicad render, they can then be used for client presentations and internal design processes.

Archicad renderings can also be experienced through virtual reality empowered by Enscape. With just one click, VR will start directly from within your project. This can offer an easier way to navigate through your model and provide an immersive 3D experience with your own design for better customer engagement and presentation.

The ease of use is another convincing factor. With Enscape, there is no special training needed. There is ample information available in the form of video tutorials and our Knowledge Base to help Archicad users get the best out of their real-time rendering experience.

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Creating the Best ArchiCAD Renderings

Once installed, aEnscape menu option in the Archicad top menu should appear by default. Alternatively, you can select the Archicad Toolbars options to create an Enscape Toolbar. 

Changes made in Archicad will materialize instantly in Enscape. With simultaneous editing and visualization, any changes made in the project will appear immediately, allowing a streamlined feedback loop and overall design process.

Archicad users are able to take advantage of the Enscape Asset Library when creating renders. With over 1,900 high-quality assets to choose from, projects can be brought to life. To add further realism, the Enscape Material Editor can be used to add new dimensions.

Archicad Rendering Top Tips

For high-quality Archicad rendering results, here are some best practices to follow: 

  • Get the right hue on textures by playing with the Tint, located in the Albedo section. Choose from standard colors or enter values in the Advanced tab to ensure your hue is just right. 
  • Add a Bump Map to achieve a photorealistic look to your design. If your texture didn’t include a bump map, you have the option to use it as a bump map by clicking the “Use Albedo” link the in the Bump section. 
  • Use the roughness map to control the sharpness of the reflections on an object in your design, which can add character to the surface of an object such as scratches, fingerprints, or smudges. 
  • To ensure any changes made in Archicad appears instantly in Enscape, make sure you have activated the Live Update option.

Visit the Knowledge Base for more tips on how you can get the best Archicad rendering experience with Enscape.

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