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Rhino 3D Rendering with Enscape

Rhinoceros, also known as simply Rhino, is a 3D modeling tool developed by Robert McNeel and Associates (RMA). It is used by architects and designers from a number of different fields, from ArchViz to product design.

Using Enscape as a Rhino render plugin is a great option for users  who want to enhance their designs without disrupting their daily workflows. It is an ideal tool to use to communicate ideas and concepts to clients, customers, and colleagues with the most instant rendering results and immersive experinces.

Why use Enscape for Rhino Rendering?

Enscape uses real-time ray tracing rendering technology where all the calculations are done on the GPU. This makes it faster at rendering than any of the offline or hybrid solutions.

Fast rendering times mean more time for designing, modeling, and texturing projects and less time adjusting the rendering engine settings. 

Enscape offers ease of use when creating Rhino renders. No special training is required, and information on how to use it to its full potential is available via video tutorials and the Knowledge Base. 

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How to Create a Rhino Render in Enscape

There is a direct integration between Rhino and Enscape which means you can keep your tools and use Enscape through the Rhino toolbar.

To create a Rhino render, there are two Enscape tabs, Take Screenshot and Batch Rendering. Using the former tab will render out the current Enscape Viewport, while the latter will allow you to Batch Render a set of images. 

Changes made in Rhino will immediately appear in Enscape. Thanks to simultaneous editing and visualization, project changes are available to evaluate in real time. 

The Enscape Asset Library can be used to enhance Rhino renders. With over 1,900 assets to choose from, projects can be brought to life. As well as using the native Rhino Material Editor, users can also take advantage of the Enscape Material Editor to add new dimensions to textures and materials.

Tips for Rhino Renderings in Enscape

For the best quality Rhino rendering results, here are some best practices to follow: 

  • To ensure changes made in your project can be instantly seen in Enscape, make sure the Enscape’s Live Update option is enabled. 
  • Add lighting sources to your model to brighten it up. There are several options to choose from such as Point Light, to Rectangular Light, to Emissive Lights. 
  • Enscape’s roughness map settings can be used to adjust the roughness of your materials to create realistic-looking surfaces. 

For more tips to boost presentation, check out expert tips and tricks on the Knowledge Base.

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